CIFC Members Win Best Documentary Award

Members of the Central Illinois Film Commission have won awards for Best Documentary at the 2017 Action on Film Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The movie, Freight Train – Slayer of Innocence, was written and directed by CIFC member Jim Conover.  Ken Hackney served as Director of Photography and Bill Homel as Production Manager.  All three men were Producers for the film.

The movie documents the efforts of various police departments working to solve the serial killing of young boys across the midwest at the hands of a hobo who traveled the rails on freight trains.  William “Freight Train” Guatney earned his nickname from his ability to make a sound like the horn of a freight train which he used to lure the boys.

Jim Conover has written several books and screenplays and won several awards from film festivals.  Jim’s experience from being in law enforcement for many years, serves as the basis for most of his writings.  Once he’s completed a book, he then enjoys bringing the printed word to the screen where he wears the hat of director as well.