May 2nd Meeting – Organizing the Creative Workflow with Ben Harl and Adam Ray Thompson

This month’s meeting topic will be Creative Organization: 10 tips on how to organize your creative work flow to get the best results.

Ben Harl and Adam Ray Thompson from Dark Soul Studios (Decatur) will be our guest speakers. They will discuss organizing your work flow to maximize creativity; cover practical filmmaking and editing; and offer tips on story creation, how to get the idea from your head to the camera, and from the camera to the screen.

With an eye on creativity, Ben Harl has been a storyteller most of his life. He has written several short stories, award winning poetry, and three yet to be published novels. As a huge film buff, Ben has moved his passion for storytelling to the screen, learning the craft of filmmaking through trial and error (and a huge amount of help from fellow local filmmakers!).

From an early age, Adam Ray Thompson has had a passion for learning and creativity. From drawing, to music, to animation and graphic design, he’s taken the task to learn a little of everything in the content creation realm. With computers and software in his arsenal, he utilizes video editing and animation to create powerful stories, marketing ads, music videos and much more.

Together, Ben and Adam own and run Dark Soul Studios.  They will be showing some of the film work they’ve done and announce a major project coming in the very near future.

The Central Illinois Film Commission encourages you to attend our meetings and support film opportunities in central Illinois. Our meetings, now on the first Thursday of each month at the Hoogland Center for the Arts, are open to the public with FREE admission.  Parking is FREE on the street or $1 in the attached parking ramp.

The Central Illinois Film Commission is a membership organization dedicated to promoting central Illinois as a historical and film-friendly region, attracting and serving the film, television, video, photography, documentary, and music industries, while promoting and supporting the talent, services, and experience of our members.

Hope to see you there!